Ideal canvas for keepsake moments

Elegant table setting with layered plates, beautiful centerpiece, creative napkin artistry, aligned flatware, soft lighting, and personalized details.

Table Setting Basics Elevate Your Tablescape

August 11, 2023

Creating the ideal canvas for keepsake moments

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Hi, I'm Alice. With a background in jewelry design, real-estate and hotel management, I developed an eye for beautiful things and a passion for creating memorable experiences. 

I started Ascape Living because I noticed that tables are where we meet, dine, chat, laugh, and connect. I now want to share the joy of putting in the extra effort for the people that you care for, so that you can create a space that is filled with love, meaning and life.

I can help you create your very own memorable moments with easy to use table scaping solutions, tips, inspiration and more.

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